Intimacy - Breakdown


Hello! Its been ages since my last tutorial and personally I want to make it a habit to share more of my process. This post is more like a basic breakdown than an in-depth tutorial so some intermediate knowledge of Photoshop is required.

Most of my work uses gazillions of photos, illustrated elements, and stock imagery so I picked this piece "Intimacy" because it uses very little images and zero drawn-in elements. So anybody can pretty much do this.

Moving on, below are the stock images used in this piece and as you can see there are only 6 and they're all downloadable for free on

The last image is the texture I used for the background which consists of an image I photographed myself, but here's a link to something similar. 

I Started off with a plain background and added in first model. She has been retouched and colour corrected beforehand, I didnt need the hair so I only extracted the face and body from the original image.

Then I masked off parts of the face and body, more specifically the areas I want the second model to overlap.

Second model is then positioned on top of the first model, She too has been colour corrected and masked beforehand.

Temporarily hid the first model to work on the second model.

Like the model no1, I proceeded to mask off parts of the face and body.
First model has been returned and I have the basic composition. At this step I can make adjustments to the cut out areas so they flow better together.
Next step to make the two models look like they're intertwining with each other so its time to select certain areas to mask the model so the details on top will go underneath. 
Et voila! The intertwining is done!

I proceeded to use the dodge and burn (mostly burn) technique to the models to give more depth to the image.

Next I added the floral details. I picked some roses for the first round and laid them out accordingly. 

I decided to mask some of them so they appear behind the model, or appear to grow out from the inside.

After the roses I went for the Hyacinth bouquet. I laid out the bouquet in front of the models, and some leaf details behind the models.

and again masked the flower details so they appear like they're growing out from inside

After everything is laid out, I added some shadows again to make the image a little more realistic, and were done!

For this step I desaturated the colours a bit and I felt the background was to plain so I added in some textures.

Last step is the colour correction,  I wont go into detail because colouration deserves it's own stand alone tutorial. But in general I used a mix of 'Colour Balance', 'Selective Color' and 'Curves' to get the desired effect.

Et voila! That's pretty much how I did it!
Happy valentines peeps.

Until next time.


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