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Hello! I thought I'd share a little bit on my approach colour toning on photoshop. Sometimes the colour scheme of my artwork is the first thing I decide on, it can occasionally control the concept of my work, or even bring life to an old artwork that I've given up on. Anyways I'm a little lazy to do a tutorial since my general technique is just to play around with 'adjustments layers' until I'm happy, but I will attach a download link for you download and playaround with :)

COLOUR SCHEME 01 - Doleschalia

First colour scheme is what I used for the artwork "Doleschalia". Its a warm tone that heavily desaturates most colours; blues will turn green, reds will be accentuated and darkened. The highlights are softened but the shadows remain the same. *warning any gold elements will be dulled
Download .PSD file
COLOUR SCHEME 02 - Vintage

This one is similar to the previous one with it's warm toning, and my favourite overall. I used it for many personal artworks and even for retouching my hubby's photographs. The colours are slightly desaturated while the highlights and shadows are softened to reduce the contrast.
Download .PSD file
 COLOUR SCHEME 03 - Nature

This one's actually an unused colour scheme, I really want to apply it to my artwork but it hasn't been compatible yet. I'll put it here incase its useful to somebody. Its a dominant green tone where the reds and pinks will turn into warmer orange shade. This scheme accentuates the shadows so it may darken your overall image.
Download .PSD file


Finally a colour scheme with a cooler tone :D I must confess I am partial to the warmer spectrum. Even my cold colour scheme is not fully cold, while the shadows are a dominantly blue the highlights are softened to a yellow hue. Now that I think about it, it looks like an instagram filter, hahaha well if its useful to you go ahead and download it. XD
Download .PSD file

Lastly this one's an example of what would happen if I do the colours before working on the artwork, so the overall effect is extremely darkening. The highlights and shadows are are heavily dulled down. Everything thats not in the red spectrum will be desaturated (lol those green bones) Use it with caution because wtf.
Download .PSD file

There ya go, its not everything because I cant reveal all my secrets ;) but nevertheless I hope this may come in handy for your future projects.


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